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Launch Referrals, Streaks, Quizzes, & Variable Rewards in seconds! Let our AI build the best Earn & Burn Rules for you! Keep your customers hooked with Emails & Nudges.

Most Advanced yet Easiest to Use

Our customers love us for the fact that they can go live with PurplePro in literally no time using our Plug & Play SDK that needs no coding knowledge!


Grow with Referrals

92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family. Happy customers become brand advocates, reducing acquisition costs and boosting profitability. Launch your referral program in just two clicks with PurplePro. 


Must Try

WoW with Variable Rewards

Studies show that implementing a variable reward system can increase user engagement by up to 300%.  By offering unpredictable rewards, you tap into the human brain's natural desire for novelty and excitement. Anticipation is a big motivation for any human action.

Using PurplePro, gamify customer experience by rewarding them via scratch cards! Make use of our built-in 3rd Party Coupons!


Engage via Quizzes

Quizzes are a powerful tool for building customer loyalty. By personalizing quizzes, using them to gather data, and rewarding loyal customers, you can create engaging experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

Repeat Purchase with Streaks

Drive long-term customer loyalty and increase revenue by using gamified streaks. Customers will be more likely to choose your business over competitors because they feel rewarded, valued, and part of a community.


Best in class Customisation & Segmentation

Our platform offers a sophisticated and dynamic rule engine & audience segmentation, designed to provide users with extensive control and flexibility in customising the rules for earning and burning coins. This feature enables you to tailor the coin economy to suit your specific needs and goals.


Shopify Challenge!

Loyalty Program for D2C brands in 2 Clicks!

-Install PurplePro from Shopify App Store

-Enable it from the Theme Editor!

-Hit Activate on AI generated loyalty campaigns!

And, Voila! Your Loyalty Club is live.


Features Recap


Referral Management

Launch a strong referral program in two minutes & reduce your Customer Acquisition Cost


Daily Engagement

Run gamified challenges on any event & increase your user stickiness


Multi-tier Streaks

Drive repeat orders & increase Lifetime Value of customers with streaks


Gamified Quizzes

Run daily Quiz apt for your audience & make them comeback to your app


Third Party Coupons

Reward your loyal users with built-in discount coupons from top merchants


Automated Triggers

Send automated nudges & emails to your users to multifold your retention

Are you running a offline or multi-channel business?

Our Omnichannel Loyalty Suite is built just for you! With our state of the art SaaS tool we build your Omnichannel Loyalty from scratch! Gather customer data, communicate them with ease and wow them with offers and rewards! Sounds interesting?



Add gamification to your app or website either using our SDK or PWA or through API!


SDK for apps


PWA for websites


API for custom UX

Judge us by what our customers are saying about us


The streak feature in PurplePro has transformed our customer engagement. It incentivizes repeat purchases brilliantly, leading to a noticeable increase in sales.


The variable reward system in PurplePro has been phenomenal. These unexpected 'wow' moments have greatly enhanced customer satisfaction and repeat business.


I'm thoroughly impressed with PurplePro. The features are both effective and innovative. Although the interface took some getting used to, the results have been exceptional.


PurplePro has exceeded my expectations. The setup process was thorough but straightforward, and the impact on our customer loyalty has been remarkable.


PurplePro’s quiz feature has completely redefined our approach to customer engagement. It’s an ingenious way to interact with customers and gather feedback.


I'm highly impressed with PurplePro's referral feature. It's been instrumental in reducing our CAC, making our marketing efforts much more efficient.

One final Nudge before you go!

Like our automated nudges and emails that keep following your customers till they convert! Try out PurplePro today. We built it with a lot of love and deep understanding of consumer behaviour. We promise you won't be disappointed!


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